Rome in a Day | Part 2, Rome LDS Temple Open House

The idea of flying to Rome just for an open house seems crazy, but temples are an important part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see this new temple that was only a 2-hour flight away.

And even BETTER, some wonderful friends from our church branch offered to watch the kids so we had 24 hours kidless to explore Rome! If you want to see the post of everything we packed into 24 hours, you can find that here.


Rome Temple Open House

Before a temple is dedicated and used for it’s intended purpose, the church holds a 3 week long open house where anyone can go to walk through and see everything inside! Once it’s dedicated, only members with temple recommends may enter. Anyone worthy may receive a temple recommend from their ward bishop.

*If you’d like to see an informational video about the open house in Rome, visit this link here!

There was plenty of parking right in front of the temple, but we had taken an Uber to get there. Classic (crazy) Italian driving but it was a quick way to do it! There is also a door-to-door shuttle service from the Fiumicino Airport that we utilized the night before that may also take you straight from the airport to the temple. It was €20 a person, a little pricey but worth the convenience! We used the service pictured below and it was great! You could also have them pick you up and take you to the airport for the same price. Way cheaper than an Uber! The buses also come up that way which is another option for getting to the temple. We usually used Google Maps to locate bus route or plan the cheapest/fastest/easiest option for us.


It’s amazing to me how similar all the temples in our church feel. The city of Rome was really a dirty city (see linked post) but once we arrived near the temple and started walking up the sidewalk the feeling immediately changed. It was clean, well groomed, and peaceful, just like all the other temples we’ve been to.


Pictures were not allowed during the inside tour, but professional pictures have been taken of the inside and you can find those here! It was even better in person and felt so familiar and comforting to be there. The spirit in the temple is so unique, peaceful, and safe. I love to be in the house of the Lord.

How lucky are we to live in Europe and have friends to watch the kids?? This was seriously the best 24 hours I’ve had in a long time! I’m so glad to spend some quality time with my husband and am grateful to be sealed to him and my family for time and all eternity, an ordinance only available in the holy house of the Lord.

The Temple Grounds

Careful consideration is put into designing each temple and the church tries to incorporate elements from the city it is located in to make the structure fit in. It feels like a sign of respect for the area that allowed for a temple to be built. I love looking for all the unique details of each temple.

This temple was built in an oval shape, which was symbolic to the area. Here is a short article with a few additional details. There was also a lot of marble used inside and out which after seeing other sites in Rome, I realized was likely intentional as well!

These temple grounds were especially large and this is the largest temple in Europe. It was definitely much larger than the small ones we usually go to closer to Belgium! Here’s a post about our local temple in Holland.

These grounds also include lodging for members to stay overnight while they come to serve in the temple. A great addition we hope to take advantage of while we’re here in Europe!

Most temples have a small visitors center attached to them that anyone can go in to learn more about temples and ask questions. The Rome temple however, has a very large visitors center with some elaborate things to see!

This visitors center had a large statue of Christ, which is quite common on temple grounds. Other statues however, are not as common but this display featured a statue for each of Christs apostles. A very unique tribute to the statues in Rome!

Statues at the Rome LDS Temple Visitors Center

See the video at the end and compare the statues in the visitors center to the statues in Vatican City!

Saint-Peter’s Basilica Statues


Stained glass is also a common addition to temples, but this piece was extraordinary. Here’s an interesting article with facts and the process of creating this mural. It includes references to all of Jesus’ parables and stories from the bible in subtle and small ways.

The faces on the people were hand painted, but the rest was stained glass. I can’t imagine how long this would take to make! Such amazing detail.

I noticed that a couple rocks, gems, or other materials were used in this piece. It was truly incredible.

These specific stones were apparently from the Brigham Young University Geology Department!


Here’s our video compilation of our short trip to Rome Temple Open House!


I’m so glad we took the time to see the Rome Temple! We had such a wonderful time exploring Rome and the slow, peaceful pace at the temple was a nice contrast to the busy pace of the city. I love the temple, and this temple in Rome was no exception. What a wonderful life we have!

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