Day Trip to Brussels – Train, Bus, Frites, and Fun

It was a BEAUTIFUL fall Saturday and we had no plans, so we decided to try out the train and head to Brussels!

Hyrum loves watching the trains pass our house and his little body almost exploded with joy several times with all the trains we saw and rode. Both the boys loved the adventure and slept like logs when we got home!

We boarded the train in Jurbise which is just right at the end of our street. Half way there, the train stopped and everyone got off, apparently there was track maintenance or something so they put us all on a bus and bussed us 30 minutes to another train station. We boarded a different train and finished the last 20 minutes to Brussels. It was less than pleasant, but that shouldn’t be the journey every time!


Our only goal for the day was to try out train travel and find chocolate so we immediately went searching for chocolate shops. Every other shop in Brussels is a chocolat shop and sometimes there are 2-3 in a row. It was great!


Then we went to the grand place and walked around. The buildings are beautiful and laced with gold! This small town Idaho girl was a little overwhelmed with big city life but it’s so interesting to see a completely different way of living.


We weren’t quite ready to brave the train again yet so we went on the hunt for frites! Frites are basically French fries, but 300 times better. The boys apparently needed a quick minute to recharge which made the long line and delicious frites eating quite enjoyable for us!


This stroller is still my ALL TIME BEST purchase as a mom of 2 kids. It folds up so small, is light, and it was cheap! It’s lasted through so much and I can’t recommend this double umbrella stroller enough!

We took a different train route home and the logistics went much smoother. We even ran into a friend and got to enjoy the ride home with her! Check out the video she made of HER day trip to Brussels! So cool.


A major highlight of the trip for all three boys, was visiting Manneken Pis. Why potty jokes are forever funny to boys at any age I’ll never understand… but this is all I heard about the rest of the night! The boy statue peeing…


We even bought a suvonyier to remember the good times. This bottle opener is now permanent addition to our kitchen counter.




We had such a great day! I’m getting more brave in traveling and more comfortable with being spontaneous. Thankfully, I’ve got a great partner in crime and easy going children! We LOVE Belgium and are finally feeling settled. I can’t wait to see more of Europe!!

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