Science Museum in Mons, Belgium

The weather has been cold and rainy this winter, but we decided to get out anyway and find something fun!

We found a large science museum in Mons, the closest city to us, and decided to give it a try! The language barrier makes things extra exciting here, but it was worth a shot.

Science Museum in Mons, Belgium

What a cool place! The kids could touch everything and it was extremely large. We spent about 3 hours there and didn’t quite make it all the way through. It would be so much fun for kids 8+ but even my little ones really enjoyed it.

Science Museum in Mons, Belgium
Here’s some prices if you can read them! We got a year pass since it was only slightly more than a single ticket!

Thankfully, most things were in 3 different languages, French, Dutch, and English. That’s one of my favorite parts about Europe. I love the different languages and cultures all mixed together.

The building was so interesting. A LONG tunnel leads you up to the front and then keeps going on passed many little fact boards and experiments. They had moving stairs in case you didn’t want to walk because it was so long!

Lots of little play equipment and places for little ones like mine. Tunnels, houses, and building blocks everywhere!

One of the highlights was definitely trapping Hyrum in the building blocks. Even dad couldn’t resist burring the baby! Don’t feel too bad, Hyrum loved it…

Look at all these cute little chemists working in the lab! It looked like you could have your children do an activity in the lab for an hour or so. Cool!

Science Museum in Mons, Belgium
Science Museum in Mons, Belgium

The boys loved putting on the head phones and alternating between French and English “learning”. Haha silly boys!

Science Museum in Mons, Belgium

We were impressed by the amount of exhibits and things to do there. It was too much for the attention span of little ones! We’ll have to go back and explore all the things they didn’t have patience for by the end of our 3 hours adventure.

We look forward to going back! What a fun way to spend a Saturday in Belgium.

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