Family Weekend in Paris!!

Nick and I have both been to Paris several times, some individually and even on a weekend date alone!! But the boys have been DYING to go see the Eiffel Tower but with Covid, it’s been impossible. FINALLY, a window of travel opened up and we took a weekend drive down there! We stayed less than 48 hours so we wouldn’t have to possibly quarantine, but it was a lovely short trip.

Paris Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Of course, our favorite tradition in Europe is traveling to see the temples! So our very first stop on this trip was the unique Paris Temple. This turned out to be a highlight for everyone.

Photo Tour – AirBNB Experience

We’ve done a photo tour several times in various cities we’ve visited, I love the photos and the boys are always willing to do a few photos in exchange for ice cream, so it’s a win-win! You can look at the “experiences” section on AirBNB and find all kinds of fun stuff like food tours, bike adventures, art walks, and so much more! We love exploring new cities this way.

These pictures were done by Alex, check out his Instagram!

First, some fun family pictures!

Best Brothers

Our Sweet Simon!

Our Happy Hyrum!

Our Little Aaron!

The little baby got hungry during the walk, so I asked for a few pics for my business Instagram! Haha I love breastfeeding in public, and I hope sharing the experience helps other moms feel comfortable feeding their babies wherever they want!

Aaron was pulling us up the hill.. until he rolled down it himself! Hehe, then we decided dad could handle the extra load… sorry baby Aaron!

Mom and Dad even got a quick minute for a moment “alone” haha… they’re few and far between!

Tolman’s in Paris!

Paris Opera House

We love introducing our kids to new movies set in specific locations before we travel. Simon’s big request for Paris was to see the Opera House from Phantom of the Opera! It was beautiful, and as we listened to a small concert from a guitar player, he pulled a little girl down from the audience who was in her ballerina outfit and she danced in front of the theatre. Probably one of the cutest things I’d ever seen!! SO precious…

The Louvre

The little boys didn’t necessarily ask to see the Louvre, but we were in the general area so we popped over near sunset. It was beautiful and Aaron enjoyed a quick snack too. This is where we discovered a blowout diaper that encouraged us to hop back on the subway and head back to the AirBNB for the night #travellingwithkids

We had an amazing trip to Paris and most of the rest of it is in the video on our Tolman Travels channel! Enjoy!

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