Salzburg, Austria

Before we get into the Salzburg fun, on our drive from Slovenia we spotted a castle nearby. We, of course, had to check it out! It was a really cool castle and I’m glad we stopped.

Hohenwerfen Castle

We arrived in Salzburg early afternoon and had the evening to explore the city. Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart and they are quite proud of this historical fact! Mozart is EVERYWHERE! Even on the carpet of our hotel…

Actually, it was quite fun and we got to tour the home where Mozart was born. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but I took a couple anyway. Don’t tell!

And EXCELLENT dinner (one of the best so far) and we walked slowly back across town to the bus stop. What a wonderful evening and we were thankful the pouring rain took a break for us to explore.

The Mozart chocolates were quite unique (and expensive), but I bought a few and enjoyed every bit. Delicious!

They had a large bridge across the water full of lovers locks. We wanted to buy one to put on but I guess you’d have to bring your own. Next time we go to Salzburg, I’ll be better prepared to leave my mark on the city.

Now for my FAVORITE part!

Farline Marie’s Bicycle Tour!

If you’ve never seen The Sound of Music, you may be underwhelmed but the next post. But you if you have, I’d highly recommend going to Austria just for this! It was soooo much fun! I’m going to put it in the next post so I can add all the pictures and videos of our tour!

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