Lake Bled, Slovenia

Did I ever think I’d be staying a night in Slovenia???? Nope! But this country was much different than I expected. It was a beautiful, quiet place and we really enjoyed our time here. I wish we’d had a bit more of it.

We decided to stay in a little cabin, campground style AirBNB. There were only 2 beds and a loft in this tiny place! A shared bathroom and shower were available for the campers and it was really a lot of fun! Other campers were up with a bonfire and music during the night, but I was so tired I hardly heard them.

Driving around Solvenia, it was quiet, simple, and clean. Everything was green and quiet. I really loved the vibes here!

There looked to be a couple of castles and things on the other side of the lake, but we didn’t make it over there to explore. You could spend a couple of days here I think wandering around! Since it was mid-summer, there were plenty of people down by the lake, but it was very manageable and the sights were worth it.

We rented a paddleboat to venture out to the island! It was about €15 an hour and we took our time. A little 2-hour round trip was well worth it.

And I was extra happy I invited the muscle on this trip so he could take us all out there 😉

The island was very small but after a small hike up to the top, we enjoyed the view and explored the church. Hyrum’s favorite part was the clock on top. It made sounds quite often and when it stopped he’d say, “Oh no, clock is broken.”

Ice cream and apples by the church on top of the island. Doesn’t get much better than that!

lake bled
lake bled
lake bled

After our day on the lake, we took the advice of our AirBNB host and went up to a nearby town for dinner instead of down on the lake. What a fun little stop!

Dinner was fantastic and the view from the restaurant was amazing. Everyone was so kind and many people spoke English.

After dinner, we passed a little rock concert going on in the small square. We stopped only for a minute but it was clearly not an event for kids 🙂

The boys found the campground cat just as we were packing up and followed it around for half an hour. This turned out to be the highlight of Solvenia for them and they made me promised to save forever the pictures I took of them and the cat.

Next EPIC SUMMER ROAD TRIP stop –> Salzburg, Austria!!!

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