Groot-Bijgaarden Castle

Covid really sucks, and the tulip fields in Holland are not available to use this year 🙁 So we looked for something similar here in Belgium. While not as impressive as Keukenhoff (see this post here), it was still a wonderful day adventure!

You can watch the video here!

Warning, flower photo overload 🙂 I’m so happy to share these and remember them forever!!!!

These boys love smelling flowers. I think their mother may have conditioned them to love flowers, but regardless. So cute!

It’s such a joke to get a good photo of these two brothers! Here is a classic example of a “photoshoot” with them! I narrowed it down from the 25 photos of them punching each other… good thing we are not photo prefectionists and LOVE a good candid photo 🙂

Simon stopped several times and said, “Take my photo here!” Hyrum did too, but only to copy is brother. I doubt he cares as much about beautiful flowers as my sweet Simon does.

These grounds were full of beautiful areas, gardens, and a variety of landscapes. It was beautiful. There was even a small playground we stopped at for the kids and a cafe which we skipped. Such a fun place to explore!

I LOVE flowers! Have I said that yet?? One of my favorite parts of Europe.

One of my favorite Simon moments of the day, he shopped to admire this beautifully manicured grass lawn. We had seen SO many incredible flowers and sights through out the day, but this was his favorite as we left the castle. He said he loved how “short and clean and sharp this grass was”. What a classic Simon statement! Maybe this kid is destined to be a golfer… hehe I love his little mind.

Of course, we stopped for ice creem and Belgian waffels on our way out. I will miss those waffles FOREVER!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

~ Tolman Travels ~

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