Maternity Photos – August 2020

I usually really enjoy being pregnant, but this time has been quite different. So many challenging things going on in the world and personal life that have made this pregnancy difficult. I was really looking forward to taking some maternity photos to have a fun and happy memory, especially here near the uncomfortable end, and these did not disappoint!

Not only have I struggled with more morning sickness, atypical pain, heartburn, and swelling than ever before, I’m also the heaviest I’ve EVER been, by quite a ways, and not just in the belly! I love having a huge pregnant belly, but everything else this go around has been hard to swallow. It doesn’t help that we’ve been forced to stay home due to Covid-19 for MONTHS and being so inactive along with things stretched out from the other 2 kiddos, it’s been hard to feel confident about my body!

Thankfully, I know a wonderful photographer, Sarah Soriano, and decided to venture outside my comfort zone a bit and really get some fantastic photos so I could remember this last pregnancy! I even ventured into some *tasteful* nudes… which was new but so fun. There are many lumps and bumps that are hard to look at, but she helped me feel beautiful and glamorous, even in my current (LARGE) state. I’m happy I was brave enough to try something new and the photos turned out incredible.

I love my sweet, little, growing family! I’m so excited to have this new little one here and to move on into the next stage of our lives. Enjoy the photos!

My fun-loving Hyrum!

My sweetheart Simon

Soon to be 3 little boys!

Can I just say how much help my husband has been through this whole pregnancy? If there was an award for best partner, he would be a no-contest. I’m so thankful for him and all he does for our family. This whole process would have been unbearable without him. I love him so much.

At this point I sent the boys home, and we dived into the fun ones! This is really a picture overload, and I didn’t even post them all! Love every single one, Sarah is so amazing… I can’t thank her enough.

Also did a few tasteful nudes, and most of those I’ll keep for myself! But this one was a more “modest” pose that I absolutely loved. If you ever get the chance to do something like this for yourself, I wouldn’t hesitate. I want to remember every little bit of this last pregnancy, even the not glamorous lumps and bumps.

I love these photos! What a great way to finish up this pregnant time and I can’t wait to meet this new little man 🙂 See you soon little one!!

~ Tolman Travels ~


  • Kerrie Tolman

    You look absolutely beautiful!! Way to be brave and truly capture your beautiful pregnant body! Love you!!!

  • Margaret Va'aulu

    You look absolutely gorgeous Allison! I love all the pics, especially the nude ones 😉 Pregnant bodies are so beautiful!

  • Tamara

    Way to look like a goddess!!! I didn’t know it was possible to look this good when pregnant. I guess I’ll have to get some professional photos done next time!