Troll Hunting with Friends! Boom, Belgium

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends here in Belgium like the Hicken family. They help us MUCH more than we can repay, and our kids would definitely prefer to live with them full time than with us 🙂 So when they called to see if we wanted to go troll hunting with them?? It was an easy, YES!!

We drove over to Boom, Belgium and hiked around this beautiful forest looking for 7 trolls. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but you’ll see soon that the trolls weren’t hard to miss!

There was all kinds of adventures along the way for the kids to explore and we enjoyed wandering around the forest for the day.

Our first Troll!!!

Picnic lunch stop!

Quick break to do some star gazing with a couple trolls…

Barefoot path

We were getting ready to leave when we stumbled upon this “Barrevoetspad”, a barefoot path. So everyone took off their shoes and went to explore nature with their feet! It turned out to be MUCH longer than anticipated, but a very cool experience that the kids loved.

After exploring so many different textures with our feet, we stopped for a quick clean off at the end of the path.

We had to make one last stop at the favorite toy of the day, a giant tire hanging high between 2 trees.

They were able to get this evenly balanced a couple times, but it proved to be quite challenging, especially with our tiny wiggly kiddos!

What a fun day!!! Thanks Hicken family for the adventure!

~Tolman Travels~

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