Freiburg, Germany Temple, and PRAGUE!

On a 4 day weekend, we decided to take a last-minute trip over to Germany to knock off another temple on our goal to see all 14 temples in Europe for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and stop over to see Prague!

Since it was a last-minute trip, we decided to drive. It was about 7.5 hours (without stops) to Freiburg, Germany where we stayed the night at a cute little AirBNB while Nick and I split up to do temple sessions. He usually does an evening session and I go first thing in the morning. They have headsets to listen to in English, but I know ZERO German and I really missed being in a French-speaking country!

After my session in the morning, we brought the kids over to see the temple and walk through the very small visitors center next door. The boys always love to walk around the temple grounds. It’s a unique and special memory they have in many different locations as a family.

That afternoon we took off to Prague! Just an easy 2-hour drive wasn’t bad at all. Checked into our AirBNB there and found a train station to head into town. We enjoy braving public transit, and the metro was easy to navigate and quite cheap. We wandered around the city for the evening and found a fun place to eat!

There were a lot of people bunched up around the astronomical clock around 4 pm so I decided to wade through the sea of people and check it out. I just chimed a few times on the hour and was quite underwhelming… oh well!

We wandered the city for the evening, it was just beautiful. We love walking slow, letting the kiddos play and set the pace, and looking for cool sites off the beaten path. Some people research things a bit more, but we enjoy just wandering.

Haha this next picture is a Beer-Bike, where you sit and drink with your friends while you pedal and explore the city. Ha!

A little cathedral we stopped in.

After it was dark, the city light up! We wandered across the Charles Bridge and listened to many street performers. The boys love to give Euro change to the ones they enjoy. It was really impossible to capture the beauty of the city lighted on the hill, but it was breathtaking.

We found a unique ice cream shop after the Charles bridge that was essentially a churro cooked over an open flame, wrapped into a come, lined with caramel, and filled with ice cream. Yum! The boys especially loved this because the cone didn’t have a bottom to the ice cream “pooped” all over my hand as it melted. A fun, and messy, experience!

Did you know you can do “Experiences” on AirBNB as well? The next morning, we decided to try one out! We booked a photography walking tour with a local from Prague, wanting to explore the city more and knock out our family photos for the year. It was a win-win!

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If you’re going to Prague, you have to check Kemal out! Here’s his link.

There were SO MANY amazing pictures that we got back from our AirBNB Experience, I put them in a separate blog post here. Here are a few favorites 🙂

Here are a few photos I snapped while we wandered the city with Kemal.

On Sunday afternoon after our photo tour, we were supposed to drive halfway home and stop to see our friends the Hancocks! We ended up in TERRIBLE bad traffic somewhere in Germany, in the dark, with hungry kids. After 6 hours in the car, we decided to stop and find a place to sleep. It was pouring rain, of course, and we had no clue where we were. We navigated to 3 different hotel-type places, all of which were closed unexpectedly or unable to accommodate a family of 4. Finally, we were sent to a small place 15km away that was able to help us. No one in the heart of Germany spoke English and I was especially grateful for Nick’s German skills he learned in high school! He also ordered and picked a pizza (another adventure in itself) all in German. He really saved our bacon!