Lisbon, Portugal – LDS Temple Open House

This was our second chance to visit a temple open house since we’ve been here in Europe. You can check out our visit to the Rome, Italy temple here!

This time was extra special because we not only got to take our little boys, but also grandma and grandpa! We also went with a couple of friends from our church back home and we all had such a great time.

First, I’m so thankful that our little boys are such great travelers! We all put on a small backpack and off to Portugal we went!

A metro ride to our Airbnb took us right downtown Lisbon. We love using Airbnb and if you don’t have an account already, you can get one here and get a little discount for you AND me!

It was an old building but with plenty of room. It even had a playground just right across the street.

We hopped right downstairs for a bite to eat! Nick got the octopus (which was not well received by some others at the table) but I thought the Salmon was fantastic! And of course our family favorite Portuguese drink, Guarana.

After dinner, we took full advantage of grandma and grandpa and left the little ones sleeping with them while Nick and I, along with our friends Tamara and Christian, went out to explore the city center! Many street musicians, active nightlife, and of course ice cream.

After we got back, even though it was almost 11 pm, Nick and I ventured out alone to find some water for the next days adventures. We got into a thunderstorm with the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard! Booming through the buildings and down the cobblestone streets, it was wonderful!

The next day was off to explore! A unique part of Lisbon is all of the trams running every direction. Most are quite old and the insides made of wood. It was fun to see them zipping all around the city.

We found an old tram to take us up the hill to São Jorge Castle.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful view from the top of the castle! I wish the pictures could do it justice. It was absolutely wonderful.

On our walk back down from the castle we stopped to check out a cathedral.

After naptime back at the AirBNB, we ventured out to see Belém Tower. It was quite a ride on the tram but I was so impressed with the clean and efficient transportation in Lisbon. The tower was closed for the day, and there was no beach available either. But we had a nice walk along the beach and ice cream to make up for it 🙂

We spent the rest of the evening playing in the water near our AirBNB. We weren’t dressed for swimming but that didn’t stop grandma and the kids from getting in the water!

The Lisbon Temple Open House of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

We took a metro to the closest station but google maps wasn’t quite sure where the temple was and neither were we. The walk there was uphill and pain for the kiddos, which meant it was painful for us! Ha! But it was all the sweeter when we came down the street to a familiar feeling and sight.

The gardens outside the temple are incredible! This is quite a small temple, but the members of our church in Portugal had to travel 8-13 hours to the closest temple before this one to do important work from themselves and loved ones beyond the grave. You could feel the excitement and joy that this temple brings.

In and around the temple was the theme of the compass. You could find compass style markings and designs in everything from the carpet, door carvings, window panes, and ceilings. No pictures were allowed inside, but they are all posted on the church website here if you’d like to take a look. It really was a beautiful temple!

Here are some pictures of us wandering around the gardens outside.

We had a FANTASTIC time in Lisbon and I loved that we got to take my parents (especially for grandpa’s Portuguese!). We will miss the trams, active nightlife, and of course the Guarana!

~ Tolman Travels ~