Grandma & Grandpa Wads 2019

Grandma and Grandpa Wadsworth came to visit us in Belgium! We could not be more excited to have them here and show them around.

Picking up Grandma from the Airport!

Our first stop was to the local cheese lady! We should have taken more pictures at the actual farm but regardless we enjoyed the unique variety of cheeses all week on baguettes, sandwiches, and more. Several late-night snacking events also followed…..

The very next day was an extremely special day for us, Grandma’s Birthday! We spent August 17 on a chocolate quest to see if there was such a thing as a day with “too much” chocolate.

First stop, Neuhaus Factory!

At this delicious warehouse, you can test out all the chocolates! It goes without saying that this place was well-received by grandma 🙂 We left with happy mouths, aching bellies, and several kilograms of chocolate.


Since we were already in Brussels, we stopped by downtown. The Brussels square is amazing as always, and about every 3rd store there is a chocolate shop. We went inside MANY and bought more chocolate at several of them.

A quick stop by the famous Mannequin Pis… (smaller than expected, as always)

And then Liege Waffles! These are my FAVORITE kind of Belgian waffle, it’s always hard to decide whether to get a plain one or topped with Speculoos. This time we got both 🙂

No birthday is complete without a decident chocolate layered cake and a birthday loot photo!

Joyeux Anniversaire Grandma!


There has been a memorial ceremony for the fallen soldiers at Ypres every night at 8 pm for the past 100 years. So many soldiers died in one of several battles here. We decided to go explore the city and watch the ceremony. We had also taken Uncle Mark here when he visited! It’s a beautiful little city with a lot of history.

Mom2Mom Annual Picnic

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop when grandparents come, but I REALLY enjoyed having a built-in babysitter while I helped host the annual picnic for our local Mom2Mom SHAPE group. It turned out great and I was so thankful for grandma!

No surprise, but many of the kids at the event flocked on grandmas blanket. Some people just have that kind soul that kids can sense and my sweet, wonderful mother definitely does. Many times parents asked, “Who is that lady my kids are with?? She’s awesome!” Yes. Yes, she is!

Gingerbread cookies with grandma! Isn’t she just the best?

Grandpa had to leave for a couple of days for work, but Hyrum didn’t mind any excuse to visit the train station! Grandpa was well missed.

Waiting to pick up grandpa!

Zoo Day!

The long-awaited zoo day! Our local zoo is one of the best in Europe, so we always jump on the chance to go visit. Our hot and sunny day there did not disappoint! Thanks, Pairi Daiza!


Yup, you read that right. I got to take my parents to Paris for a day! Every time I visit Paris, I still can’t believe this is our real life. I love Europe and especially the iconic city of Paris. We had a wonderful day exploring and riding the Hop On Hop Off bus all around the city. It’s always so much easier traveling without kids. Sorry, Nick, you drew the short straw and had to stay home with them! We appreciated the relaxing day though.

The Louvre

Seine River

Photo stop!

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Unfortunately, we didn’t get off the bus here to check out the Cathedral since it’s closed down after the large fire in April. Still so sad about this!!

Lunch up by the Effiel Tower

Effiel Tower

Warning: Picture overload!!

<3 This is my favorite stop in Paris!

I love my mom! Traveling with her is just the best! I admire her love for life and spirit of adventure. She can talk to anyone and finds joy in simple things. I’m so grateful to have her as one of my best friends.

Sacre Cœur

That was a HIKE! We didn’t count the stairs but it was probably 8,000 or so. Whew! Beautiful cathedral though and an amazing view of Paris from the top.

When Nick was in Paris back on an exchange program in high school, he had an encounter with a bracelet maker like this. It’s quite the story, so ask him about it sometime! But I decided to brave the crazy, pushy street sellers and get a bracelet tied in his honor 🙂 Ha!

Off to Portugal!

For the next part of our adventure we hopped on a short flight and flew down to Lisbon, Portugal! Normally, I would not have planned a trip within a trip, but the new temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was having their open house and we couldn’t resist. Grandpa served a church mission in Brazil over 30 years ago so it was time to dust off the ole’ Portuguese and give it a try!

Read about our adventure to Portugal here!

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