We decided to add in a fun day for the kids at the end of our road trip, and I’m so glad we stopped at Legoland Deutschland! It wasn’t just fun for the kids, it really was a favorite day for all of us.

The boys, especially Simon, had been so good on this trip so we told him he could do whatever he wanted this day. So we followed his lead and said YES all day long. It was a great day and we stayed from park open to park close.

Lego city was incredible. How can people make such detailed and intricate things out of legos?? It was incredible. This may have been Hyrums favorite part and he just wandered around here for an hour looking for trains. Many of the boats, cars, trains, and buses moved along their roads and both boys loved it.

Always a favorite for me, the Effiel Tower 🙂

I said, “Simon go stand by that giant face so I can take your picture!”

He responded, “Mom I can’t. I think there’s a fence there for a reason.”

Ha! I had only meant by the gate but I love my sweet little rule follower.

Little lego men, cars, and scenes were all over the park! The boys loved taking their pictures with all the figurines.

A lego train ride for Hyrum all around the park!! He was in HEAVEN!

Dad took Hyrum on the airplane ride and Simon wanted to drive a real lego car. He was tall enough for most of the rides and was thrilled to be such a big boy.

Safely first.

Quick photo stop with an aggressive lego man…

Everything in this park, seriously everything, is made out of legos! So incredible.

We spent the rest of the morning riding rides all over the park. Sometimes Nick and I split up to ride with the boys, sometimes we all went together. It was a lot of fun for everyone.

I was so proud of Simon, he wanted to ride the water log ride! Little did he know, it took you up into a dark cave, dropped you backward, and then continued on down the water slide. After the darkness fun, he was much less impressed but made it through the rest of the ride with as much bravery as he could muster! We couldn’t pass up buying the action shot though 🙂

We stumbled upon Lego Ninjago world and that was a huge hit for Simon! He’s been really into Ninjas, Power Rangers, and Legos lately so this was a great place for him. He decided he wanted his Legoland souvenir to be some ninja swords so he picked some out used them the rest of the day!

Simon and I went and did the Ninjago ride which was quite fun and he also requested his picture with all the Lego Ninjagos we came across.

We also stopped to see a 20-minute 4D movie! Although it was in German, so we had to use our imaginations 🙂

Boats made of legos? Yes, please! We all went for a ride on this one.

Even though it was close to dinner time, we just couldn’t stop. We found the medieval section of Legoland and Simon got to ride his first big kid rollercoaster. We were so proud of him! In fact, Hyrum and I waited on a bench while the big boys when on the ride and when they came back, Simon talked me into going with him on it again. He’s getting so big, I can’t believe it! He held my hand to make sure I wasn’t scared and reminded me to make a funny face during the picture section of the ride 🙂

On our way out of the park, there was no line for the train ride, so naturally, we couldn’t resist just one more ride for Hyrum.

What an amazing day Legoland. The weather was beautiful, Legoland was fantastic, and the boys were happy and tired. The perfect end to our Epic Summer Road Trip!

We stayed one more night near Legoland and then went off to see our friends the Hancocks stationed in Sembach, Germany. Sadly, I didn’t take a single picture with them but we’re headed back to see them next month and I promise to get one then!

To see our entire Summer Road Trip, here’s a link. It was an incredible 2 weeks!

~Tolman Travels~