Liechtenstein in the 6th smallest country in the world located in the nook of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Even though it was only an hour drive from the Brücks to our AirBNB near Legoland, we decided to take the scenic route and stop by this small country to check it off the list!

It turned out to be a LONG day! HA! We drove 2 hours south (plus an extra hour stuck in traffic) to the Liechtenstein border. We had momentarily crossed the border into Switzerland though and had no cell service. Not a problem since we had a GPS, but when we arrived at the border this is what we found…

The road actually had a portion MISSING! We were forced to drive around blindly with no way of finding a new route while our GPS continually tried to redirect us back to this spot. It took about 25 minutes to find a little road to cross the border but we finally made it to Liechtenstein!

On the point of 3 countries!

Liechtenstein was a cute little place nestled in the middle of the Swiss, German, and Austrian mountains.

We found a lunch place (which also doubled as a Huuka Bar) and had a quiet pizza lunch.

Just across the street was a little church we thought we’d check out. It wasn’t open, but a fun little photo stop.

Now another 3-hour drive back up north, past where we started the day, and on to our AirBNB for the night. Thanks, Liechtenstein for an eventful day!


~Tolman Travels~