Bavaria, Germany with the Brücks

We are so lucky to have good friends all over the world. We were thrilled when we got to see our friends from Fort Sill the Brücks. Being native Germans, they were the perfect hosts and tour guides to Bavaria and we were so thankful for their generosity.

Since our day here was Sunday, we were looking forward to a relaxing day of rest and it turned out just perfect. That morning after a large breakfast, we ventured out to see Bavaria. First stop, Neuschwanstein castle of course!

Neuschwanstein Castle

Yes, that’s the best picture I got of it! We drove up much closer but the number of people and amount of traffic was INSANE. We did not stop but drove by and back again. No way were we going to brave that mess. Another day.

Here’s the lovely little church we stopped at for a photo break.

Another castle we passed while driving among the crowds.

Plansee Lake, Austria

Next, they took us to a beautiful lake across the border in Austria. We couldn’t help but dip our feet in and they even treated us to ice cream. A perfect stop.

Linderhof Palace

This palace was so elaborately decorated, inside and out! I wish I could have taken pictures inside because every square inch of this place was covered in something ornate and expensive. King Ludwig II was a mysterious king who had an eye for all the nicest things, no matter the cost! His life story and death are even more mysterious, but we sure enjoyed the beauty he created.

The view from the front of the palace was just as fantastic as the palace itself. He really created a little piece of heaven here from every angle.

There was another smaller palace just up the way we hiked up to. Quite small but there were palm trees out front! Apparently, King Ludwig II love them so much he had them brought in every summer and then taken away for the winter so they would stay alive. They were all sitting in planter boxes to make that feasible. This practice is still one and it was quite an odd-looking site in the middle of the German mountains!

Ettal Monastery

We stopped by this beautiful monastery and enjoyed a small part of the service that was going on.

Oberammergau, Germany

A small town, famous for its woodcarvers. There were some truly amazing woodworkings here and we loved just strolling the streets on our way back home.

The Alphorn

And the highlight of our time in Bavaria before we had to move on, Andreas let us try is Alphorn! What a fun and unique instrument! As you can see from the next photos, the boys couldn’t quite figure it out 🙂

We are so incredibly thankful for our friends the Brücks who opened their home to us so graciously. We are so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives. Simon held on to his special memento from Annelie and it’s now in his special box at home.

Next EPIC SUMMER ROAD TRIP stop –> Liechtenstein then on to LegoLand!

~Tolman Travels~