Travel Day – Switzerland, Arona, and Vicenza Italy

Train through the Alps

We planned to drive over the Alps to the Italy side, but apparently, that road is under construction. So instead, we were forced to wait in line for a train, pay €25, and drive our car onto a train THROUGH the mountain! It took about 15 minutes to get all the way through the mountain and actually, it turned out to be awesome and I’m so glad we did it. The boys unbuckled to ride up front and Hyrum thought he was driving the train!

Arona, Italy

It was VERY apparent when we crossed over into Italy, those drivers are CRAZY!!! It’s such a waste of money to even paint lines on the roads because they are totally useless in Italy.

Never have I seen so many tolls! We got the hang of them pretty quick. Some of them you took a ticket and paid when you got off, some you just paid when you passed, some took cards, some only cash, etc. Good thing we’d budgeted a little misc. money because we sure needed it on the Italian roads.

We needed to stop for lunch but decided not to stop in Milan. Although it’s a fun major city in Italy, we were looking for something a bit smaller scale for just a lunch stop.

We found a little lake on the GPS and a small town next to it and we thought we’d give it a shot. It turned out to be a great little place!

Just after lunch we walked down to some water access and let the boys put their feet in. Although we definitely weren’t dressed for swimming, we let them in any way. They ended up soaked but smiling. Some memories are worth making, even if it’s a hassle!

Feeling refreshed, we made it the rest of the way to our friends in Vicenza. Next EPIC SUMMER ROAD TRIP stop –> Vicenza & Venice, Italy!

~Tolman Travels~

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