Grandma Rigby’s Funeral

March 20-25, 2019 was a quick trip back to Idaho for my sweet grandmothers funeral. Barbara Rigby was a wonderful woman in so many ways. I love her very much and was so glad to be able to travel home to see so much family and remember her beautiful life.

1 train, 3 flights, 6000 miles, and 24 hours of travel each way from Belgium!

I sure miss the mountains! I couldn’t help but take a couple pictures as we flew into SLC (sorry, gentleman in the window seat…)

One of the most wonderful things about funerals is the opportunity for lots and lots of family in the same place all at once. I LOVED every minute getting to see all my Rigby cousins! So many good memories growing up of camping trips, never ending stories, and reunions. I’m grateful all our parents put high priority on us all making memories together.

We all sang a special musical number at Grandma’s funeral service. Can you image all of us singing “A Child’s Prayer” up on the stand? It was an incredible thing to be a part of and I know Grandma was so happy!!

Rigby Grandchildren!

Barbaba Rigby’s Viewing

Grandma’s viewing was beautiful. Many of us girl cousins helped decorate with lots of Grandma’s paintings, pictures books, and memories. I got to see and chat with sooo many people I haven’t seen in many years. It was a wonderful night.

The morning of her funeral was a beautiful service. Hundreds of people showed up to honor and remember her life. The chapel and overflow of the LDS stake center were quite full. Barbara Rigby was a woman of constant service and ministering. What a wonderful example to everyone she met.


Here are a few pictures from the gravesite. The sun peaked through the clouds as the grandchildren put flowers on her casket. She always did have a soft spot for her grandchildren! Thanks for the little kiss from heaven Grandma.

I’m so grateful to my wonderful parents. They’re taught me so much and continue to set a perfect example of service, love, and kindness. I owe them so much.


What a wonderful, emotional, happy, sad, quick, exhausting, and perfect trip back to Idaho. I’m so thankful for all the help getting there, all the hugs and tears, all the happy memories, the wonderful service from those back in Belgium helping my family while I was gone, and the knowledge of life after death. Families are forever through the sealing power of temple. I am so grateful to be able to see my family again one day.

I love you so much, Grandma! I hope you’re running around heaven with refreshed legs and a strong heart. May you run and not be weary.


~ Tolman Travels ~

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