Belgium Snow Day!

Snow in Belgium? Apparently, it doesn’t happen often so we thought we’d capitalize on a snow day! The local schools were open, but the SHAPE schools closed down for the 2-3 inches of snow so I kept Simon home too.

It might seem silly to our friends and family in colder climates who receive feet of snow every year, but there’s just not the infrastructure or man-power here to deal with much snow so things tend to shut down.

The boys decided today was the perfect day for a snowman! So that’s just what we did.

Hyrum helped for a bit, then decided to play!

Eating snow is funny, but also cold!

Adderley joined in too! The poor pup had snow all frozen to her hair when she came back inside, but she loved every second.

Once there was a snowman! tall.. Tall.. TALL!!

Finished up the day with dry clothes and hot chocolate. Snow day = Success!

And in the sun he melted, SMALL.. Small.. small.

Amazing what 2 days of Belgium rain will do!

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