Best of Pairi Daiza Zoo, Belgium – Summer 2018 Tolman Travels

Even though we arrived in Belgium in August and missed most of the summer, we decided to buy season passes at the Pairi Daiza Zoo anyway. I’m SO glad we did!

This Post is a compilation of all our zoo trips this summer! Here are some of our favorite things at Pairi Daiza Zoo.


The words “Pairi Daiza” remind me of the word “paradise” and this zoo does not disappoint. There is such a wide variety of animals in beautiful habitats and each area of the zoo has trees, wildlife, architecture, and music specific to the native region of the animals.

Here are some of our favorite animals at the zoo!

My favorite part is the ambiance at Pairi Daiza, which unfortunately is difficult to capture in a blog post…

When you enter though, you hear soft Debussy music playing while you wander through beautiful gardens filled with peacocks, geese, a petting zoo, aquarium, large trees, waterfalls, and picnic areas. It is so lush and beautiful!

Peacocks, ducks, and geese roam around the zoo like they own the place. The kids LOVE chasing them.

The petting zoo is so much fun for the kids! Chickens, goats, and small birds everywhere.

There’s a fish touching pod somewhere in the zoo too, but I’ve only been able to find it once! The zoo is so big I often get turned around.

One of the kids favorite parts is the aquarium. A giant chateau they turned into an exhibit! It’s huge and again, they really create an underwater vibe with the lighting and music.

They have so many kid-friendly things at Pairi Daiza. One of our favorites is the playground and food court area. (Fun climbing for adults too!)

There are a few not so kid friendly things as well, like this footbridge! We haven’t been able to do this yet, but it’s a long bridge across the zoo and through the bird area. It looks like so much fun!


This year they had a Dino exhibit! I was expecting fossils, but they had “real fake dinosaurs” as Simon calls it. They move, roar, and one sprays you with water! It was pretty cool and Simons favorite part. Hyrum, not so much…

We even got to take a grandpa this year! The kids loved showing him around one of their favorite places in Belgium!

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. I love my sweet Simon and his tender heart! He always points out flowers in my favorite colors and comments on how pretty they are. He wanted to smell it to see if it smelt pretty too. ❤️

During the last week of the season, we decided to bundle up and visit the zoo on Halloween! Fall at Pairi Daiza was AMAZING! The changing colors were indescribable and the pictures hardly do it justice.

We LOVE the Pairi Daiza zoo and are so lucky it’s only 10 minutes from our house. I can wait to go make more memories there next year. We love Belgium. We love life! Our little family is so blessed to be here.

Now come to visit us so we can show you this amazing zoo!!!!!

~ Tolman Travels ~