Assumption Day Adventure! – Gravensteen Castle

Wednesday August 15 was Assumption Day, a national Belgium holiday and everything was closed. So we decided to be adventurous and explore a castle! We drove about an hour over to Ghent and visited Gravensteen castle. It was quite an adventure…

Finding the castle was easy, knowing what road we could drive on and where to park were not so easy. Thankfully the police officers that pulled us over for driving on a pedestrian only road were kind enough to help us to a parking garage! We’ll expect a ticket in the mail from the cameras on the roads but what do you do!

The castle was awesome though! Built in 1180 it had a very medieval feel to it. Here’s a picture overload of our exploring!

Winding staircases!!

Views from the top!!

We found the old castle bathrooms…. you poop in this hole and it drops straight down to the moat below! We did not test it out.

A cute little torture room with all kinds of terrible devices. We didn’t test these out either!


After the castle (per my request) we found the best little chocolate shop and went way overboard on buying Belgium chocolate treats! Yum!

We had a great day as a family and exploring this beautiful country. I’m still struggling a little with the language barrier and culture shock, but thankfully I have a wonderful and adventurous man with me to push me slowly out of my comfort zone! I’m so happy he’s here to make me a better person and get me out in the world. Couldn’t love my life with my family any more!!!

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  • Tausha Wierlo

    OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe you got pulled over! WHOOPS! Did you guys have to get new drivers licenses? We have to get two new ones and take tests and everything – YIKES.
    Your pictures look GORGEOUS!
    Can’t wait to see more! <3

    • newlittlelife

      Ya we did have to get international drivers licenses here too. I’m glad they pulled us over, we were DEFINITELY not in the right place! The road signs are all different here and most are in French! They were in Dutch up by this castle, so confusing. We’re feeling much more comfortable driving now that we’ve been here a few months.