Goodbye Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Hello new adventures! | What I loved about Fort Sill

Was I super excited when I found out our first duty station was Fort Sill, Oklahoma? Not particularly… but we joined the army partially to see new places and explore the world so what better place to start!

We have loved our time at Fort Sill, OK. Our transition to army life has been smooth and we really enjoy the army lifestyle. Our plan is to stay in the army for quite a while, especially now that we’re headed to Belgium!

My favorite thing about Fort Sill was the people there. We have made some really good friends at church, our unit, and from my doula work. It was difficult finding time to say goodbye to everyone we will miss because we had so many wonderful friends there! Saying goodbye is such a common occurrence in military life too and half of our friends have already moved away (#armylife). I feel like we’re ALWAYS saying goodbye to someone, but it felt different being on this end of it. We’re so blessed and lucky to have been there for 3 years and we are SO excited to spend time with family in Idaho then head on to our next duty station.


Some of our favorite things to do here at Fort Sill were:


The Museum of the Great Plains

The kids can touch everything here and they have a lot of great things for them to do! We got a year membership and went often with friends. Simons favorite thing to do was the “buffalo guts” where you got to take apart the buffalo innards and put him back together.

Child playing with block at the Great Plains Museum Lawton, OK

Great Plains Museum

Flying paper airplanes at Great Plains Museum

3 kids with giant legos at the great plains museum fort sill, ok


Turner Falls

Turner Falls was a beautiful place to spend the day! I wish we would have gone sooner than our last month here because we would have made the trip several times!

Riding the trolly at Turner Falls, Ok



Simon loved t-ball! He played 2 summers with the CYS on post at Fort Sill and had a blast. He had great coaches and loved being part of a team. It was sooo cute to watch!!!! Here’s some pictures from this years team.

Fort Sill Tball

Fort Sill t ball team

fort sill tball

2 boys fort sill t-ball

fort sill t ball

Fort Sill Tball

Fort Sill Tball


The drive-in movie theatre in Chickasha!

We loved going to the drive in movies! They have mini golf in the front you can play while you wait for it to get dark which the boys loved! Such a cute little place for a memorable evening.

Mini golf at drive in theatre Chickasaw Oklahoma

Mini golf at drive in theatre Chickasaw Oklahoma

Mini golf at drive in theatre Chickasaw Oklahoma

Mini golf at drive in theatre Chickasaw Oklahoma


4th of July Freedom Festival

The 77th Army Band performance I looked forward to most every year was the 4th of July. Lawton has a freedom celebration that we went to all 3 years we were there. We always sat in the same spot with lots of unit and church friends and it was a blast. They have food vendors and live music from the concert, jazz, and rock army bands. The firework display gets better every year and it’s just incredible! I’ll miss that celebration the most.

4th of July Fireworks Lawton, OK

Lawton Freedom Festival

Lawton Freedom Festival




The Birth Community in Lawton/Fort Sill, OK

I absolutely LOVED my birth doula work in Lawton/Fort Sill OK! I served mostly military families and loved every single birth I attended there. There are awesome OBGYNs in the area and the DOLO (Doulas Of Lawton Oklahoma) will be my forever friends. I loved having fellow birth workers to rely on, attend events together, and promote education in the birth community there.

I also had my sweet Hyrum in Oklahoma and had a great experience! Dr. Berhman, my doctor, and Comanche County Memorial Hospital were fantastic. It was a perfect birth and I was thankful to know the hospitals, doctors, and doulas there before going through it myself.

We got to take a workshop from GENA KIRBY! It was awesome! I love the other Doulas Of Lawton Oklahoma.


My beautiful, amazing, doula sisters!! <3


Photo by Robbie McMillian Photography


Photography by Sarah Creal Photography


Photo by Sarah Creal Photography



Some people were really afraid of the storms, but it was one of our favorite parts! Being from the West, the Oklahoma storms were quite different than what we were used to. They would often start in the middle of the night and be very intense! High winds, lots of rain, and tornado warnings were very common, especially in the spring. They usually come on quickly and often flood the streets. It was fun to watch!!! We had a storm shelter in our home but never used it. There was only one tornado very close to us while we were stationed there but thankfully it didn’t do much damage and didn’t hit Fort Sill itself.

We liked to sit outside and watch the storms as they happened. One time we had golf ball size hail and the next neighborhood over had baseball sized ones! It was awesome 🙂 The picture below is a time when we were driving to the community center to do laundry in our last days at Fort Sill and had to brave the storm to get inside. The boys were not impressed and we were completely soaked. Notice we’re in our swimsuits, because we had intended to go swimming but the storm came on soooo quickly! Oklahoma has the craziest weather we’ve ever seen but we loved it.



The People

I’ve already said it, but the other spouses at Fort Sill, our fantastic church friends, and the people we met in Lawton are the best. We made so many friends (not all are pictured!) and I’m grateful for all the help and kindness we received. Many of them better come to visit us in Europe!!!!



Our move away from Fort Sill was logistically stressful but everything went very well! After a week in hotels and traveling to Idaho, we’re enjoying a much needed vacation with family before we head off to Belgium. We’re working on our French and saying goodbye to everyone in the states. I can’t wait to explore more of the world! I’m glad Fort Sill, Oklahoma was our first stop in our Army adventure 🙂 Stay tuned!

fort sill, OK

2 boys learning french

Fort sill Lawton Oklahoma armed forces day parade


Goodbye Fort Sill, Oklahoma! 




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