Hiking in Oklahoma – Tolman Family Day Trip

Although Oklahoma can be ehhh sometimes, we have LOVED the hiking and camping when we can find places to do it. Simon and Hyrum are happiest outdoors and we love to explore. Oklahoma has some unique beauty, especially up in the wildlife refuge near Fort Sill.

A couple weekends ago we did a fun family hike on the Jed Johnson Tower Trail. We saw a lizard (named lizardy) and a frog (named hoppy) which were the highlights of the day for Simon. It was such a pretty hike, one of my favorites so far. I’ll post a funny Simon video at the end!


Simon loves teaching us about nature! He says when he grows up he wants to be a hiking guide (“nature teacher”). Although in this video below he was trying to teach us about something that turned out to be poop ? haha oops!

Simon Hiking Video 480  – (I couldn’t figure out how to get it to play automatically, sorry! But here’s the link for serious viewers..)


We have really enjoyed our time in Oklahoma! We have made so many friends, survived so many storms (which is nicks favorite part about living here), and have seen most of what this area has to offer. We can’t wait to start our new adventure in Belgium soon!!




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