Oklahoma City Science Museum – Family day trip to the city!

We’ve been talking about going to the OKC Science Museum since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago, but only now that we have a few short months left at Fort Sill did we have the motivation to actually do it! What a fun place for all ages! I can see why it gets so much attention. They have SOO much to learn and do for any age. We all loved it!

We went to the Explosions show which Simon loved!

We also got to meet Otto the Robot! Simon was really excited about that until he showed up, then he got a little shy (per Simon’s usual).

Our FAVORITE thing though was learning to ride Segways! Simon has still been talking about this days later. He never lets us forget that he was “a pro at riding Segways”. He claims he was way better than us but Nick and I were pretty good too!

Hyrum is teething (or something) so he wasn’t his usual crazy exploring self but still had a great time. He LOVES touching ANYTHING so this was a great place for him to just explore! He is so full of energy and adventurous which is sometimes exhausting, but I can’t wait to see what he does with his life! He’s really going to be an awesome person if we can just survive his early years 🙂

My favorite part was that they had not one, but TWO different nursing rooms for breastfeeding moms! How wonderful it is to have a place to feed and change the baby that’s not a bathroom!! Good job OKC Science Museum!!! You rock.