Growing Pains

on September 15, 2013It has been such a busy few months for us! School started a few weeks ago and I started my new job. It’s a lot busier that my last job but it’s been fun and I definitely enjoy the 6 mile drive to work instead of 40! Working full time is nice too, although it makes for a long week. Nicks classes are going wonderful and little Adderley is happy as ever in our new house. Did I already post pictures of our house? If not here’s a few, not great pictures but none the less…

  Being a school nurse has it’s perks 🙂

We have been going crazy in our garden! We’ve canned 15 quarts and 11 pints of pickles, 15 quarts of apple pie filling, 10 pints of beans, 7 bags of zucchini, 20 bags of frozen corn and frozen a bunch of peppers of all kinds to make salsa when the tomatoes come on. It has been a busy garden for us! Now we’re trying to give away food because we have too much. It’s been fun though and we’ll do it again next year!

And now for the most exciting news of all… we’re (finally) going to have a baby!!! Baby Tolman #1 is due March 12, 2014, and we could not be more excited!!!!!!! It’s about time! We’ve met our doctor here in Wyoming and she’s great and everything has been going really well. I haven’t felt awesome but it could definitely be worse so I’m not complaining. I’ve noticed some improvement this week so hopefully, things are on the up! (for a while at least..) I’m almost 15 weeks. Nick and I are both beyond excited and looking forward to what the future holds for our little growing family 🙂

While we were freezing corn I found a little one that is about the size of my baby now, so I saved it and kept it on the counter to look at and make me smile 🙂 crazy?? Ya, that’s what Nick said too….

 8 Weeks

 12 Weeks

Our new crib 🙂 We’re trying to spread out our baby purchases and we decided to go big for September!

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