October and Halloween!

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Nothing overly exciting but it seems like we’re always doing something. Nick has been serving in the Young Men’s with the Teachers and I recently got called to be in the Young Women’s with the Beehives.  That will definitely keep us both busy! 

So far things having been going great here and we’re really liking the community! We even made the newspaper! Apparently we’re local celebrities. (Although I’m pretty sure this is a common practice for new teachers here…) Here’s a link to the article! 

Work has been going well for both of us. Nick’s kids are auditioning for all kinds of state ensembles and his bands and choirs are sounding great! They’ll be having their concerts next month.
Things are good at my job too. I recently went to a conference on hearing screenings in schools so I decided to put some info on my bulletin board! It turned out really cute

Halloween was fun. I skipped class to stay home and hand out candy to all the cute kids in our neighborhood! It was totally worth it (although maybe not for my bro, Paul, who had to tutor me with my math homework later). Nick boycotted the holiday this year and a Dr. Pepper T-shirt after work was the closest he got to dressing up. I had to dress up for school so I decided to take some old scrubs and turn them into a lady bug! All the kids loved it and one even said, “You even still look like a nurse!” Anyway, it was a hit.

Otherwise, things are going well. We are still really enjoying it here although we are both very excited to go home and visit for the holidays!! Can Thanksgiving come any sooner??????

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