Homecoming/Canning Adventures

Well, things are going great! Nick is doing great teaching school and this week was homecoming for Rocky Mountain. It was a busy week for him especially! The band was awesome though. They marched in the homecoming parade around town and then played at the bon fire the night before the game and then played at the football game on Friday! It was a lot of fun. 

Yesterday, Nick and I decided to can some salsa! I got a bunch of tomatoes from one of the teachers in Burlington and we got some peppers and onions from the local store and the fun began! Thanks to both of our moms for contributing to our new Nick And Allie Awesome Salsa of 2012 reciepe. Here’s some pictures of our progress!




After making 10 quarts of salsa, we decided to switch it up and try something new. We made 10 quarts of pizza sauce!! It turned out really good but go figure, we went to process all the cans and only one wont fit! It was already 11pm (since it had taken longer then we thought to cook the sauce) and I was NOT going to stay up an extra 20 minutes to process 1 can so we just decided to make pizza today and try out our new creation. It was delicious!

A definite must for next year! Such a fun day together!

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