First Week of School

Well, we’ve almost made it through our first week of school. So far it’s been good for both of us. I started on Monday at Burlington school and Nick started last week. Wednesday of this week all the students started classes and it’s been fun! Nick has been doing great and all the students love him 🙂 He’s been busy getting all the music picked out and instruments handed out and everything ready for the school year! He is going to be a great teacher and I’m excited to see what he does with the program this year. Here is a picture of the school that Nick works at here in Cowley. It’s a beautiful new school and he’s very lucky to have this wonderful first job!

I am working out in Burlington which is about a 40 minute drive for me. Thankfully I’m only going 4 days a week and starting next week I will have to go to Powell for an evening class at the college on Monday and Wednesdays so I’ll be driving a ways anyway. I have 14 credits at Northwest College and am a little nervous for that to start next week! With all the stress of a new house, new job, new ward, I’m not sure how I feel about going back to school full time too.. We’ll see how it goes though! Most of them are online so I will only be driving to Powell twice a week. Below are some amazing pictures of my very visually stimulating drive to Burlington… Haha not! Enjoy!

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